Nails | Beauty by Rani


File and Polish Hands – Duration 30 mins

Includes Filing & Varnish


File and Polish Feet


Express Manicure – Duration 1 hour

Includes Shape, Cuticles, Buff & Polish.


Express Pedicure

Shape, Cuticles, Buff & polish.


Full Manicure – Duration 1 hour 15mins

Shape, Cuticles, Exfoliation, Luxury Massage, Buff & polish.


Minx Nails

Minx, the luxury nail fashion of choice in over 40 countries, allows you to be playful with different looks and personalities. A temporary tattoo for the nails? A Fashion accessory? Or as mysterious and devilish as you want…


Nail Art


Shellac – Hands or Feet – Duration 1 hour 15mins

Shellac nails last up to 14 days, It goes on like a polish, however wears like a gel.
When it comes to taking them off the nails, Its as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Shellac Removal & Re-paint


Shellac Removal (Hand or Feet)


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